When it comes to house maintenance, your garden and yard are never an exemption. Maintaining gardens could be a good and fun activity to do, but trimming, pruning and sometimes removing plants and trees need professional skills and training. A lot of people prefer doing it on their own to save money, but if your house project involves intricate works and if you like better results, we advise you to call experts like what Tree Service Elgin, IL have. 

There are many companies, which offer this kind of services, and choosing the right and legit one is crucial. So here, we provide you the important things a legit tree service company is able to provide.  


  1. They are willing to provide customer referrals.  

There are two ways to ask for referrals. First, you can ask trusted family and friends for service they already have tried and from there, you will have a list of certified companies. Second, you can ask your prospected company for some customer referrals. As a potential client, you have the right to ask for referrals for you to have further background information. A good company is confident in their service and would be glad to provide you testimonials and referrals from their previous customer. 


Other tree service company have a wide customer coverage because they provide services other than tree maintenance like Snow Plowing in Elgin, IL.  


  1. They have the right materials and equipment 

A legit tree service company needs to have the proper materials for the job. Having a ladder, a chainsaw and a cutter does not make one a qualified expert who can do complex tree maintenance works. Your garden deserves more than just simple cutting, trimming, pruning, and removing works. There is a science involved in the process that only experts know how to do, and there are some equipment that only certified professionals are qualified to use. Also, inadequate materials could impede and stall the project. Make sure that they have the necessary equipment which includes safety gears and the latest tree maintenance tools. 


  1. They are qualified and licensed 

This the most important requirement your prospected company needs to present. A company that has good credentials and certifications proves their legitimacy.  


What do credentials and license do? These all prove that the workers are knowledgeable, well-trained and are informed about the important and advanced techniques for the job. An International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certification is something you also need to consider requiring before availing their service. 


  1. They have adequate insurance coverage 

A legit company has all the necessary insurance as one cannot guarantee a risk and problem-free work. There are two basic insurance that they need to present. First, a worker’s compensation insurance, which protects the employees and client working on the property. Second, the liability insurance, which guarantees all liability when they have caused damages in your property while working. Upon hiring, make sure you discuss with them their responsibility when they work in your property to avoid unnecessary repair costs in your side.